From the Desk of (Our) President

Greetings from Rhode Island.  I hope that this message finds you well rested after an enjoyable summer.

As I turned the calendar to autumn, I found it hard to believe that a few short months ago we came together in Northampton to celebrate our 30th reunion.  Sure, we could attest to the passage of time since 1981 – we may carry a few more pounds, sport a grey hair or two, and feature a laugh line. But when we gathered around a table or crowded on a couch on reunion weekend, the conversation and laughter brought me back to our undergraduate days at the college. I asked myself, had 30 years truly passed?  And as I looked on many of you, I wondered how I missed meeting you during our 4 years together.  What was I doing when I had so much time, I wondered?

Well, I know what I hope to be doing in May of 2016.  I hope to be reuniting with you to celebrate our 35th reunion.  Our reunion co-chairs, Karen Boyd and Holly Gonzelez, are already at work on this event.  Yes, it is over 4 years away, but time passes too quickly.  Please reach out to Karen and Holly if you would like to participate in any way in the planning of our 35th Reunion.  Remember to visit our class Facebook (Smith College Class of 81) and WordPress (smithclassof81.wordpress) sites, too, to keep in touch with classmates.

We are fortunate to have shared a bountiful college experience, and fortunate to know one another.

Stay safe and well,

Donna Fettuccia Templeton
Smith College Class of 1981 President

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